The BAH charity bike ride was inaugurated 14 years ago as a 2 day 200 mile event between Gettysburg, PA and Trenton, NJ. Two years ago we added one day out-and-back rides of from 35 to 100 miles. We have raised nearly a million dollars for agencies that feed the less fortunate. (see

In 2016, we added family friendly off-road options crossing the historic Washington Crossing Bridge through lovely Titusville Village with views of the Delaware, then as far as you care to go – Lambertville, Stockton or Bulls Island State Park and return via the Delaware Raritan Canal tow path (anywhere from 1.5 to 36 miles).

A delicious barbeque followed at the Washington pavilion on September 11th in Washington Crossing Park on the Pennsylvania side.

You can raise funds for one of our existing charities or for one that you support that feeds the hungry.

Contact Denny Rodgers at or at 609-458-2211 for more information.

George & Kinny Gallup were instrumental in establishing the BAH ride.



Battle Against Hunger was founded in 2003 by Chuck Inman, who was killed in an auto accident in 2014. This group continues to honor Chuck's legacy by holding a 200-mile yearly fundraising bike tour that has raises money and awareness of those who find the very basics of providing food a struggle.


The supporters of the Battle Against Hunger believe passionately that no one in a place as plentiful as New Jersey should ever have to suffer the ravages of hunger. Not a single person should be denied a share in our abundance. We are committed to uniting businesses, organizations, groups and individuals throughout our area for the express purpose of assisting those who provide food and shelter to those in need. We believe a well-nourished citizen is an empowered citizen, with the potential to strengthen his or her community and ultimately to contribute to the enrichment of us all. In this spirit we dedicate ourselves.

What began as a dream to help feed the hungry with the pledges from a bike tour has blossomed into a non-denominational charity that is blessed to have many concerned and motivated volunteers who are committed to battling hunger.