Chorister Program

The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities highlights important information on arts programs in its report Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning. Researchers found that learners can “attain higher levels of achievement through their engagement with the arts…when well taught, the arts provide young people with an authentic learning experience that engages their minds, hearts and bodies. Engagement in the arts...nurtures the development of cognitive, social and personal competencies.”

The Chorister Program at St. Matthew’s provides a transformational experience for children in elementary and middle school, regardless of religious affiliation or background. ALL ARE WELCOME! They sing in two separate choirs, the Cherubim Choir and Seraphim Choir, and occasionally sing together as one ensemble and/or with our Adult and Handbell Choirs. In a professional and nurturing setting, the program utilizes graded choral curriculums focused on age-appropriate vocal training, sight-singing, and music theory. Fun and challenging repertoire is then employed to put into practice the musical skills that are taught. Learning and discovery in other areas of discipline often focus on specific talents and skills, whereas children regularly active in the arts are involved in initiatives like chorister programs develop numerous talents and skills.

Rehearsals take place during the school year on Wednesday late afternoons, with a light supper between each rehearsal for an informal time for choristers and their families to enjoy fellowship and community. Choristers sing monthly, on major church holidays and for Family Worship services.