A Message from Crown Charter Farm


The donkey named Barnie is so excited to lead the St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Palm Sunday procession again for another year!

Four years ago, Crown Charter Farm - a family rescue farm located in Hopewell Township, NJ -- started rescuing and adopting animals. The very first animal adopted was Barnie, the now ten-year-old donkey, from The Barnyard Sanctuary in Columbia, NJ. Barnie was afraid of people for most of his life. He now loves ear rubs, being fed treats, and snuggling. At the farm, Barnie is the brave protector of newborn orphan lambs that the farm rescues each spring. The lambs are bottle fed until they are older and healthy, and then they are available for adoption as outdoor family pets. To learn more about the rescue farm, visit website www.crowncharterfarm.com or Instagram page @crowncharterfarm.

Barnie’s ride to church was provided by Bruce Nascimbeni. Bruce owns his own miniature donkeys and works with horses. He makes horsefly traps that specifically attract biting horseflies. Ordinary fly traps use scent to attract common house flies. Horseflies can see the infrared radiation coming from horses over a long distance. Bruce’s traps use infrared heat to attract the horseflies so that they cannot find their way to the horses. He makes the traps by hand and installs them on horse farms.

Contact Bruce by phone or email: 908-672-0731 or bruce_nascimbeni@yahoo.com. Thank you, Crown Charter Farm, Bruce Nascimbeni and Barnie, for making our Palm Sunday procession joyous and memorable!