Preschool Curriculum


Early two’s CLASS

2 morning sessions/week

Older two's Class

2-3 years old
(2-3 morning sessions/week)

We seek to create a friendly atmosphere where children can learn to separate from their parents, be comfortable with adults and socialize with peers. We encourage children to share and cooperate with each other. We encourage growth in communication and development of self-control.  We help the children to build a positive self image. 

Three Year Old Class

3-4 years old
(2, 3 or 4 morning sessions/week)

This class builds on the concepts from the Two Year Old Class. The children learn to choose and participate in a variety of activities to strengthen their social, fine motor, gross motor and listening skills. Lessons are planned around different themes including: colors, shapes, seasons and holidays.


4-5 years old
(3, 4 or 5 morning sessions/week)

This class emphasizes the skills children need to be ready for kindergarten. Reading and mathematical readiness, science exploration, and listening and comprehension skills are developed. Lessons are planned around the alphabet letter of the week, numbers, nature, seasons and holidays.