Kairos Korner


Our Kairos program takes a break during the summer months. All of the 9:30 services will be held in our air conditioned Belmont Hall. The services have a more casual feel which makes them a perfect time for children to get comfortable worshiping with their families for the entire service.

We understand that attention spans may be short so we have Worship Bags available for children (look for the tie dye bags!) which contain quiet things to occupy little hands while their little ears listen. We will also have a child friendly worship space in Belmont where children can sit comfortably with parents close by to supervise.

Here are some ideas for making the most out of worship time with your child:

  • Talk with your child at home about the service: how to be respectful and attentive. We call our classrooms “sacred space” which is anywhere that we invite God to be with us. Any place that we gather to worship is sacred space and so we try to keep our bodies still and listen.
  • Once you are in your seats, encourage your child to sit quietly and pray for people in their lives or things that may be on their minds. This is how we begin our class time – by passing the prayer heart and offering whatever is on our hearts in prayer.
  • Assist with and encourage your child to follow along in the bulletin. We worship with our bodies as well as with our mind and heart, so there is movement throughout the service! Stand, sit or kneel when appropriate etc. Doing this engages their entire body in worship.
  • Be a good “peace” giver! Be sure to extend a handshake to all those around you and encourage your child to do the same during the Peace.
  • Let your child place your offering in the collection plate when it is passed – they can even add some coins of their own.
  • After church, take the bulletin insert home so you can pray for the people on the prayer list.

We welcome children to St. Matthew’s Church and the Kairos program at any time throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more about the program, would like to see our classrooms and materials, please contact Lori Cooper, the Director of Children’s Ministries, at stmattkairos@verizon.net or 609-737-0985.

If you would like to REGISTER your child for the program, please complete our online registration form HERE.

Kairos Classrooms:

Primary/First/Second Grade: Classroom A (main floor)
Third/Fourth Grade: Classroom D (downstairs)
Fifth/Sixth Grade: Classroom C (main floor)
Seventh/Eighth Grade: Library (main floor)

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Nursery and Kairos Sick Policy: In the hopes of reducing the spread of illness among our children, their caregivers and teachers, we ask that you be very thoughtful before bringing a child who is or has recently been sick into the nursery or a classroom.

Our sick policy follows that of our school district: 

  • Child should be completely fever free for 24 hours
  • Child should have no intestinal/stomach issues for 24 hours
  • No goopy noses or coughs
  • No red eyes with discharge