St. Matthew’s Ministry and
Volunteer Opportunities


BATTLE AGAINST HUNGER - 13th year: Over $650,000 was raised for Rescue Mission of Trenton, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK), and 17 other organizations. In 2014 there were 60 riders and 55 SAG (Support & Gear) volunteers who traveled 200 miles from Gettysburg to Washington Crossing. We are looking for volunteers to organize the Pennington Day Children’s Battle Against Hunger Bike Ride which for many years was an important awareness and fundraising event allowing children an opportunity to participate in this important ministry.

HONDURAS: Over the last 8 years close to 200 participants have traveled, some more than once to El Hogar in Honduras. The majority of the volunteers are teenagers, many who have grown up in the church and participated in this opportunity with other family members.  Boys from El Hogar have been sponsored by families from St. Matthew’s.  These life changing experiences have influenced participants to consider careers in teaching inner city students, to develop similar programs in other parts of the world, and participating in similar activities once in college.

URBAN PROMISE, CAMDEN (and now Trenton): There have been 7 trips to Camden and 89 volunteers, many repeat volunteers; "After this week, I really feel that I am closer to God than ever before." Many teenagers from St. Matthew’s have participated from the very beginning. “I truly feel that my efforts in Camden have inspired me to devote my life to serving others." Most volunteers go and get hooked!  The majority continue to go back each year, and some are also now volunteering on a regular basis in UP-Trenton, due to its convenient location.

KAIROS: Many families are attracted to our church school program which is an anchor program for the church. Currently we have 80 children from 53 families participating in this program. Many teens in church today have grown up through the program and then moved on to Logos. Kairos is always looking for teachers and parent volunteers.

KAIROS TEACHERS:  Our teachers feel blessed to be able to participate in the spiritual growth of St. Matthew's children, to witness their maturing as individuals, and to be able to form relationships with them as adults who care about their church, who they are, who they are becoming.

HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH: Meets every Sunday, this high school program allows kids to participate in their church. Many graduate and head back to the classrooms as assistants to Kairos teachers thus completing the circle. Nine students have found their way back into the Kairos classroom teaching younger kids.

St. Matthew’s has many other ministry opportunities including:

  • Adult Education Committee
  • Altar Guild
  • Adult, Children and Handbell Choirs
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Coffee Hour volunteers
  • Communications Committee
  • Destinations (for our middle schoolers)
  • Greeters & Ushers
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers
  • Lay Readers
  • Nursery Care providers during the 10am Service
  • Parish Life Guild Committee
  • Pastoral Care, Prayer Chain
  • Prayer Partners
  • Property Committee
  • Fall and Spring Rummages Sales
  • Sewing/Quilting Groups
  • Stewardship Committee
  • Youth (Acolyte opportunities)

For more information leave a message on the church mailbox for the Stewardship Committee (609) 737-0985.

Or contact a member of the Stewardship Committee directly Steve Spencer, stephen@sspencerbenefits. com (609) 466-6666, William Compton (609) 818-1376, Ian Hammett (609) 818-9236, Pam Inman (732) 274-9513, Bob Kales (609) 844-0004, John Krisulewicz (609) 730-1217, Jack Lawrence (609) 818-1968.