Grocery Program

Did you know you can help St. Matthew’s JUST BY GROCERY SHOPPING?

The St. Matthew's Grocer Program is a source of revenue to the Operating Fund of the parish and a service to its members. Under the program, parishioners buy gift cards and certificates from nearby grocery stores at no extra cost. However, the church buys the gift cards in bulk at a 5% discount, and makes a profit on the difference. For every $100 sold, the church makes $5, and for every $1,000 sold, the church makes $50.

Here are the grocery stores that participate in the program:

Pennington Market, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop & Marrazzo's (West Trenton)

The program relies on volunteers to sell grocery cards after the 8am and 10am services each Sunday. Many people have graciously given their time over the years to sell grocery cards and certificates on behalf of the church.

The program also owes its success to numerous regular customers. Moving forward, the program has the potential to expand its customer base, reach a higher level of regular sales, and provide greater support to the church budget.

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Use your gift cards when you shop and 5% comes back to St. Matthew’s!