how do I establish membership at St. Matthew's?

If you are seeking God, we invite you to participate in the life of this parish in the way that will feed your search, and we recognize as members of the universal church all those who were baptized with water in the name of the triune God. For those who would like to join this parish of St. Matthew’s officially or become members of the Episcopal Church, we offer the following guidelines: 

Those who are not yet baptized: Please speak with the clergy. We would love to prepare you for baptism and share your journey into the Christian life. People who are baptized here become members of the parish at their baptism. 

Those who are baptized but do not belong to any church: We need to know the date and place of your baptism. You become a member of this parish once we record your baptismal information in our parish register. 

Those coming here from other Episcopal churches: At your request, the parish office will write your former parish and ask for a Letter of Transfer. Once St. Matthew’s receives the letter, you are entered in the parish records as a member here. 

Those coming from other denominations: The parish office can write your former church and ask for a transfer of records. Once we receive the transfer, or get your baptismal information from you directly, you can be entered into the book of communicants as a member.

Those who have not been confirmed: We offer programs to prepare both youth and adults for Confirmation. For most people this occurs after baptism but in some cases individuals are baptized and confirmed at the same service.

Those confirmed in other denominations who wish to become an Episcopalian: While any baptized person can become a member of this parish, some who come from other denominations wish to be received as Episcopalians at the hands of the Bishop.  The same program which prepares people for confirmation also prepares people for Reception. To be received into this branch of the Church, the Bishop lays hands on and publically welcomes you at a service of confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation of baptismal vows. All those who have been received into the Episcopal Church enjoy the same rights as those who have been confirmed, including the right to serve on the Vestry and be licensed for various lay ministries, such as being a Eucharistic Minister, Eucharistic Visitor, Lector, Preacher, Worship Leader, etc. 

If you want to explore the many ways to be affiliated with St. Matthew’s, or have questions about what is membership, please call the parish office or speak to the clergy. We are grateful that the Holy Spirit has led you here and we will support you in whatever way will be most helpful to you as you explore a deepening commitment to follow Jesus Christ.