Rummage Sales

Looking to do some spring or fall cleaning, as well as support St. Matthew's community outreach efforts?  Please check here for more information about our semi-annual rummage sales! Announcements can also be found in our monthly newsletters, weekly bulletins, and Constant Contact emails during the early spring and fall months. 

Spring 2016 Rummage Sale is Here!

Friday May 6th, 9am-5pm and 6pm-8pm

Saturday May 7th, 9am-12pm and 12pm-2pm

The Three D's of creating true happiness for all:
Declutter -  remove all unwanted items from your home
Donate - to your local charity (St. Matthew's Rummage Sale)
Deduct - save money by claiming your donation on your tax return

POC: Please contact Joe Lawver at 609-937-6177 or

Help with our Spring Rummage Sale

We need your help with the Spring Rummage Sale. Please consider helping with setup on May 1st after the 10am service, sorting May 2nd through May 5th, and the sale on May 6th and 7th. See calendar below for times.

"Its a Matter of Faith"

While some might say that the St. Matthew's Rummage Sale is fueled by Denny's cookies or by wonderful homemade meals made by others, I would argue that it is, in fact, fueled by Faith. 

  • Faith that people will donate their gently used clothes and housewares.
  • Faith that enough volunteers will show up to sort, fold, and price all of the items.
  • Faith that our regular customers and new ones will shop and buy on sale day.
  • Faith that items sold will be reused rather than clog our landfills.
  • Faith that our efforts will help people in need.
  • Faith that people will help us clean up after the sale and return our church to its primary role as a sanctuary for celebrating our Faith.

If your Faith moves you to help us, please contact Joe Lawver and/or plan to show up at 11:45 am on Saturday morning. Many hands make light work and, with your help, we expect to finish the cleanup by 2 pm.  

Joe Lawver at 609-937-6177 or
Kay Krisulewicz -
Ti Pearse-Drance -