Women's Spirituality Gathering - Fall 2016

Are you interested in exploring your Christian identity and spirituality in conversation with other women and with Scripture in a powerful way of connecting with the Holy Spirit?

Then, join me in a women’s spirituality group. We’ll explore our Christian Spirituality together and support one another in our hunger for growth in faith and love. The format will be simple. In order to connect with our spiritual selves, God and each other, we will not be doing a Bible study in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, we will give ourselves the time and space to dwell in God’s Word—to let ourselves be immersed in Scripture together, (and to giggle or cry as needed). This method of Conversation with God’s Word and of listening deeply to each other is called Dwelling in the Word.

We’ll spend half an hour or more dwelling within a particular biblical passage. Any passage or the daily lectionary may be used. We will use the story about the sending of the 72 in Luke 10:1-6. None of us will be coming to this as an expert, but rather as fellow seekers and companions in the search for meaning on the road of life. We’ll let the text expand our thinking, open new pathways, encourage creativity, and make way for the Holy Spirit. Any passage may be dwelt upon for weeks and months.


We begin with prayer.

We read the text.

We sit together with the passage, in silence and in conversation. Some questions will help us sink into the text and listen to each other, then, we close with prayer.

We will begin on Monday, September 26th in Belmont Hall from 8-9 PM.

Here is the schedule for a total of six Monday evening sessions:

September 26th
October 3rd & 24th
November 7th & 28th
December 5th

If you would like to join me, please email me, rector@stmatthewspennington.org, and let me know by the day after Labor Day. Put “Women’s spirituality gathering” in the subject line. You will not need to bring anything. Copies of the Bible passage will be made available at each gathering.


The Rev. Barbara Briggs